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Retribution - Thriller - OPTIONED

A woman was abducted as a child and held for nine years. When they finally found her, they didn’t find her abductor. For 20 years she’s lived in fear and her life is a shambles until one day a guy comes into the gas station she is working in and she swears it’s her abductor. She captures him and puts him on trial looking for the truth and a confession.

Carol at Christmas - Romantic Comedy (With Ward Anderson) - OPTIONED

Since he was eight years-old, Alex has dreamed of marrying the little girl he met in the hospital named Carol. Now twenty years later, Alex has dated nothing but Carols his entire life, looking for the one. When he meets his best friend's girlfriend, he learns that there is more to life than a childhood fantasy.

Justice - Thriller - OPTIONED

A black family takes some crop from a local farm and are followed forced into their home and tormented by white supremacists. As the supremacists figure out a way to infiltrate the house, not everything is at it seems. 

She Wolf -  I Hour Horror Drama - SOLD

A teenage transgendered female is forced to move back to her backwards hometown. Her secrets become two fold-fold when she is bitten by a werewolf.

Letters from Home - War Drama - SOLD

A soldier on the way to war in WWII finds a novel and written in the margins are the thoughts and emotions of the previous owner. The soldier decides to correspond with the woman and a magical relationship develops.

Four in the Morning - Thriller - Short - OPTIONED

When a serial killer encounters an unsuspecting Sheriff at a diner at four in the morning, he curses himself for being unprepared and has to think quickly on his feet.

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