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Perchance to Dream - Drama

Willow is narcoleptic and due to an incident at the age of fifteen that inadvertently caused her mothers death, she was sent away. Now almost twenty years later, she is brought back into the lives of her sister and father as they try to make amends.

Touched - Faith - Based Drama

After a car crash a child discovers he has the gift of divine touch, the ability to restore people's faith in God. All he searches for is a homeless man so he can restore his lost faith before he kills himself,  but his parents have plans to exploit his gifts for money.


Don't You Forget About Me - Comedy / Drama

When four high-school friends get together to mourn a fifth, they relive the arrogance and freedom of their youth. Their teenage children who they brought along mirror the angst and hardships that the parents went through at their age. 


After You've Gone - Drama 

When a man loses his soulmate to a car accident, he doesn't think he could ever love again, until his dead wife appears to him to help him move on and find love again.

The Paper Changer - Fantasy / Drama

An Alcatraz inmate communicates with a young child through a series of letters left under rocks in an attempt to nurture a relationship and fill a hole left by his missing daughter.

Dinosaur Girl - Drama / Thriller

A grieving father wants to take revenge on the drug company’s incognito president for inadvertently killing his daughter. Desperate to exact revenge, he kidnaps the first person he sees who can identify him and forces him into pulling the trigger, not realizing it’s indeed the Company President himself.   

Letters from Home - War Drama - SOLD

A soldier on the way to war in WWII finds a novel and written in the margins are the thoughts and emotions of the previous owner. The soldier decides to correspond with the woman and a magical relationship develops.


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