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John Dark - Action - OPTIONED

After a cop's wife and partner are murdered and he's left for dead, a secret agency called The Machine recruits him and trains him to become a super assassin. He uses his new found skill to hunt down everyone who did him wrong. His only problem, he initially replaced another assassin who went rogue and went to work for his enemies.


Social Justice - Action / Thriller

Two black youths are trying to create a comic book called Social Justice, but in an horrible act of police racism, the artist is gunned down in the middle of the street without provocation. Where life imitates art, the writer ends up becoming the same vigilante he created to combat the corrupt police department and crime-filled neighborhood.


Friday Job - Action / Sci-fi

In a bleak future, the military creates an assassin robot that targets it's victims through their mandatory imbedded microchips. When it's target has a heart attack and dies before it can finish the job it jumps it's programming and goes haywire. It's now up to lowly a robot mechanic and his sexy side-kick to disable it before it destroys the city.    


The Art of the Kill - Action

Sabine is a restaurant owner by day, but the world’s deadliest assassin by night. When she foils an assassination attempt in her restaurant, she finds herself in a complex situation. She is hired as the assassin to kill herself as the civilian.   


The Master Thief - Animated Fantasy / Adventure.

A loyal captain of the guards is framed for the murder of the queen and escapes with his life. When he returns 10 years later as a Master Thief to free his good name he doesn’t factor in falling in love with the Princess.   



For the Story - Romantic Comedy

A budding tabloid journalist follows a rock star to Hawaii to get the scoop of a lifetime. The only problem is that her rival has found out and is trying to get the story before she can. 

Livin’ Like Kings - Comedy

During an Elvis festival two burglars dressed as Elvis steal $2M worth of Graceland diamond and lay low until the heat dies down. Complications arise when the key to the safety deposit box get swallowed by Chicken and then it gets stolen by a bunch of rednecks.  

• Beverly Hills Film Festival, Official Selection, 2012

• The Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival , Semi-Finalist, 2011

• Oregon Film Festival, Bronze, 2011


Livin’ Like Chaplin - Comedy

Four men in their 70’s decide that they do not want to go gentle into that good night and decide to live life as they were in their thirties. Rediscovering their youth, they live life to the fullest, but something has got to give.  


Secret Lives of Lovers - Comedy / Romance

When a group of 20 somethings start to date within their close knit circle of friends, there are secrets and pasts that should remain unsaid, but one of the friends is a journalist looking for that big story. When it gets published, all hell breaks loose.   


Carol at Christmas - Romantic Comedy (With Ward Anderson) - SOLD

Since he was eight years-old, Alex has dreamed of marrying the little girl he met in the hospital named Carol. Now twenty years later, Alex has dated nothing but Carols his entire life, looking for the one. When he meets his best friend's girlfriend, he learns that there is more to life than a childhood fantasy.


Someone Murder Mother - Comedy

A Jewish family is tired of their mother interfering in their lives and they all individually plot to kill her. Unfortunately their plans are allayed when their schemes backfire on each other.  


Open Til Midnight - Comedy

When the shift supervisor of an over night department store shift is robbed he falls into a downward spiral until the burglar resurfaces and the night shift team capture him and interrogate him unto confessing a deadly secret.   

A Cougar For Christmas - Comedy

A twenty-something guy brings his cougar girlfriend to Christmas dinner to propose marriage but the family knows a dark secret from her youth that could cause the son’s plans to blow up in his face.  


A Single Girl's Guide to Christmas - Comedy 

When Samantha, the head of an advertising agency finds herself vying against her nemesis Carson for a Christmas account, she does everything in her power to win it. Life gets complicated when she falls in love with the man she met on the site, who could be her rival.  



Touched - Faith - Based Drama

After a car crash a child discovers he has the gift of divine touch, the ability to restore people's faith in God. All he searches for is a homeless man so he can restore his lost faith before he kills himself,  but his parents have plans to exploit his gifts for money.


Don't You Forget About Me - Comedy / Drama

When four high-school friends get together to mourn a fifth, they relive the arrogance and freedom of their youth. Their teenage children who they brought along mirror the angst and hardships that the parents went through at their age. 


Dinosaur Girl - Drama / Thriller

A grieving father wants to take revenge on the drug company’s incognito president for inadvertently killing his daughter. Desperate to exact revenge, he kidnaps the first person he sees who can identify him and forces him into pulling the trigger, not realizing it’s indeed the Company President himself.   

• Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, Semi-finalist, 2013

• Sacramento Film Festival, Official Selection, 2012

• Los Angeles Film & Script Festival, Honorable Mention, 2011

• The Alaska International Film Awards, Honorable Mention, 2011

• World Fest - Houston, Finalist, 2011

• Writemovies 27, Quarterfinalist, 2011

• Newport International Film Festival, Finalist, 2011




The Smell of Innocence - Thriller

A woman was abducted as a child and held for nine years. When they finally found her, they didn’t find her abductor. For 20 years she’s lived in fear and her life is a shambles until one day a guy comes into the gas station she is working in and she swears it’s her abductor. She captures him and puts him on trial looking for the truth and a confession.


Abducted - Thriller - OPTIONED

A Jesus freak abducts woman and throws them in the trunk of his car. He drives across the state plying them with sermons trying to get them to repent their wicked ways.  Little do they realize that when they finally give in and tell him what he wants, he kills them before they has a chance to sin again.  Things take a turn for him when he abducts a woman who won't repent. 


The Artist's Way - Thriller

When an artist sees his lover killed in front of his eyes, he ends up revolutionizing the art world with his paintings. His new lover becomes suspicious when she finds clues that she may have been murdered.   


Transmutation - Period Drama

An Alchemist in Medieval France must forgot his duty and try to make gold for the king, his wife’s affections turn to the farm hand. When there is evidence of betrayal we don’t know if it’s real or the product of the Transmutation process that turns people mad.   


Buried Alive - Teen Thriller

When a school in Florida ends up being sucked completely into a sinkhole, a handful of students from different walks of life must work together to try to get out. Personalities clash and true heroes arise out of the most unlikely candidates.  


Falls the Shadow - Drama / Thriller / Horror

When a 2000 year-old vampire wakes up with amnesia in the present day, he enlists the help of a few kind souls to help him figure out who and what he is. He is horrified when he finds out that for the last 2000 years, a great deal of the world have been worshipping him as if he were a God. 


Flawless - Thriller

A deranged woman decides that murder is a better alternative than seeing her flawed. She ends up dating a man who slowly causes her to normalize her behaviour. But is he everything he says he is?    




The Sherlock Junior Detective Agency - Family 

A highly skilled group of pre-teens are hired to tackle a dog-napping ring. But when something goes horribly wrong and the entire team is captured, will the dog-nappers get away with it?


The Sherlock Junior Detective Agency & The Case of the Other Agency - Family

When, during a crime spree, a rival agency sets up shop in Milner's Corners the team of Sherlock Jr. soon find themselves out of a job. But is this new agency everything they seem to be, or is there a connection to them and the crime spree?



Renfield - Psychological Horror

The most famous vampire story ever, now told through the eyes of it’s most famous inmate Raymond M. Renfield. Are the events of the book real, or are they the figment of a deranged madman’s psychosis.   


Blood Games - Action / Horror

A group of people who have betrayed each other are abducted before they realize that what they have done was wrong. But their abductor has placed them in a game where they need to work together to survive.  




Elemelorium - Fantasy

Angels and Demons are real, they just aren’t what we think they are. They exist amongst us and are in constant battle with each other. Nothing can kill these creatures except a metal from their own plane of existence - Elemelorium. 


Zombie Patrol - Comedy

A group of rag tag people end up getting jobs rounding up a zombie menace in New Jersey. Underpaid, unappreciated and unqualified, they learn about the mystery and muscle of friendship from each other.   


Rick in the City - Comedy

When a Sasquatch leaves the North West Territories to become an actor in the big city, he finds a group of friends who accept him for who he is and help him adapt to the big city. 


Space Coppers - Comedy

Rogue Space Cops Chud and Snook are sent to uneventful Earth to protect it as punishment for their insubordination. Little did they realize that trouble follows them wherever they go and soon all of the intergalactic criminals are hot on their tail.  


The Agency - Comedy

When a Christian dating site isn’t making any money, the owner hires a little person creative genius to give it a makeover. Enemies are made and new allegiances gathered when he changes the format to the Vanessa Kay Agency - an infidelity dating site. 


IndieLook - Music / Talk

Imagine the Beatles when they had Pete Best - then you can imagine the scope of IndieLook. Professional bands about to break through onto the other side. Interviews, concert footage, music videos. You name it, it's all there.   


The Truth - Talk

Five men from different social backgrounds. Each with their own sexual history sitting in front of an audience full of women telling them truthfully what goes on in men's minds when they date women.   


Four in the Morning - Thriller - Short - OPTIONED

When a serial killer encounters an unsuspecting Sheriff at a diner at four in the morning, he curses himself for being unprepared and has to think quickly on his feet.

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