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Marc Morgenstern has been a part of the film industry for at least 25 years and became a serious director in 2004 when he shot his first feature film, The Vampire Conspiracy, which went on to receive worldwide distribution. In addition, it has been translated into four languages and sold in Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Target, and more. It launched Fangoria’s, the nation's largest resource for horror fiction’s online streaming service Fangoria TV, and during its release was searched in the top 700 searched movies on  After turning it into a graphic novel, it won a silver medal at the 2010 Independent Publishing Awards.


Since then, Marc has achieved international recognition with his Cannes Lions Shortlisting commercial Poker Face, that either placed or won in 10 different award shows. From that accomplishment, he was scooped up by Spy Films to represent them as one of their comedy directors. 


One of Marc’s most significant industry accomplishments was in 2005, as the creator of the variety TV show HouseCapades with Mike Bullard, which achieved the #1 show of its kind in its time slot and ran for over 250 episodes, one of the longest-running television shows in Canadian history. 


Soon after that, he became the Broadcasting Creative Director at Avid Life Media, where he created and produced over 80 international commercials for over 30 markets including a Superbowl and directed the documentary Affairs Across America.  


Marc is no stranger to directing children. He also created the three award-winning nationally renowned live-action shorts titled: Operation: LabBrats. 


In 2013 Marc moved to California where he immediately went into production, writing and directing the feature film Vitals with Christopher Showerman, Charlene Amoia, Tim Russ, Claudia Wells and Sachin Mehta. There he was repped by Bohemia Group.

In 2020, Marc returned back to Canada, and since then, he directed a series of commericals for, including their Superbowl LVII spot.

Future projects that Marc is involved with include the reality television show Women Entrepreneurs, a showcase of women in business, IndieLook, an interview based show, that profiles independent bands before they become stars.

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