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The most famous vampire story ever now told through the eyes of its most famous inmate Raymond M. Renfield. Are the events of the book real, or are they the figment of a deranged madman’s psychosis.   
When a 2000-year-old vampire wakes up with amnesia in the present day, he enlists the help of a few kind souls to help him figure out who and what he is. He is horrified when he finds out that for the last 2000 years, a great deal of the world has been worshipping him as if he were a God. 
Falls The Shadow

For those who have been scorned in love, can summon the spirit of La Sayona.


First, she will appear as a beautiful woman in a white dress and seduce your victim.


Then she will show her true self, and get your revenge.

So CPS doesn't take their daughter, a junkie Meth couple decides to detox over a weekend. Things don't go when they meet the soul stealer Moloch the Corruptor. Is Moloch real or a figment of their drug-infused mind?
A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde find themselves having to protect the gates of hell to prevent the devil from taking over the world of humans.  
In this prison, you don't want to go into solitary.
It's where the vampires are.
A Black family are followed forced into their home and tormented by white supremacists. As the supremacists figure out a way to infiltrate the house, they soon discover that not everything is as it seems. 
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