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Pursuing your dream is important to all of us, and as it should be. It’s the same for Rick, a seven-foot, 400lb Sasquatch who dreams of making it big as an actor. He’s had a modicum of success with a couple of ‘B’ horror movies and a children’s show in the North West Territories called “The Scary Bedtime Storybook Hour.” When that show is canceled his agent tells him to move to LA to further his career, much to his chagrin.  


As if stepping out of the Odd Couple, obsessively compulsive Terry ends up renting his room to Rick sight unseen, mainly because he needs the money because of a business deal gone sour. Not realizing of course that Rick is indeed a Sasquatch. Since he spent the money already, he has to acquiesce and let him move in.


The odd part is that Terry’s friends know of Rick from his horror movies and are instantly enamored with him and become fast friends. What follows is a series of comedy of errors as not only is Rick a Sasquatch in a big city, but he is also a country boy who isn’t used to the fast-paced life. It’s a big adaption from the back woods of the Northwest Territories to the hustle and bustle of LA. But that’s not all. Terry, who rarely travels north of the 134, eaten a meal that wasn’t prepared by a chef and considers camping everything short of a ‘key card’, finds himself in situations that he never would have considered before. A city boy from birth, he never had to deal with this kind of ‘ruggedness’.


Along with Terry’s friends Drew and Carl and his sister Gene, they discover worlds that they never considered and get themselves into situations that they never would have before. 


Rick is a honest-to-goodness, if-I’m-lying-I’m-dying Sasquatch and a decent actor by trade. You may have seen him in all of those ‘In Search of…” episodes or countless commercials. When he’s not acting, he’s an all around nice guy, generous to a fault, raw vegan and a big foot. Yep, he’s still a big foot. He’ll help you move, be your wingman and share his last beer. He won’t chase a squirrel up a tree or bark at the mailman. He’s a dude. Think teen wolf but in his early 30’s. He spends a lot of his time chatting with women in chat rooms and reading surfing magazines. Originally from the Northwest Territories, he moved to LA so he can fulfill his dreams of being a famous actor.

Terry is the obsessive compulsive one in the friendship. He wants the best car, the best job, the best girlfriend, but he hardly wants to work for it. He lives well outside his means and he’ll jump on anything that will make him a fast buck, even if it’s renting out a room in his overpriced, mid-town apartment for more than it’s worth. 

Terry’s sister, she’s the one with the most brains in the entire gang. A laid-back, geek chic, serial dater, she’s looking for the right guy to fall in love with and settle down. She has a tendency to date losers and men with commitment issues. Who will be Mr. Right?  By day she is a nurse in a dermatology clinic and by night she’s a nerd Sci-fi / B-Movie horror fan and collector. This also could be the reason she doesn’t have many second dates.

Terry’s best friend since he was two. They are in constant competition. If one has something, the other has to have it. If one does something, the other has to do it better. If this competition didn’t exist, they would have nothing to talk about. He wants to become a police officer but has settled for security guard, but he takes his work very seriously. Also a nerd, he has an extensive collection of movie weapons and props.

Carl is the guy who knows everyone and can get anything. He loves a challenge and he usually fulfills. You want tickets to Springsteen, he’ll get you tickets. It’ll be at the Oakland concert, and during the week, but he’ll get you tickets. He works as a supply teacher but is rarely called upon. He is a kind soul with a dumb brain. He has a major crush on Gene and would do anything to be with her. 



Gene's son with her ex. He is an oversexed lecherous baby, who is always trying to get some milk from women. 


Gene’s ex-boyfriend and father to Jude, although he doesn't want anything to do with him.


Sam is Rick’s stereotypical agent. He at first didn’t want to represent him, but then changed his mind after Rick wowed him with a monologue. 


Terry and Rick’s next-door neighbor that will do anything to get Terry and Rick evicted.

Superintendent Murdock.png

He’s the useless superintendent that claims to fix everything, but nothing gets fixed. He’s tired of unclogging the toilet in Terry and Rick’s apartment.

Rick’s acting nemesis. Before Rick came along, he was the guy that got all of the monster roles.

Now he’s got

major competition.


She is Terry and Gene’s typical Jewish Mother who pays them a visit every-so-often.


The woman Rick left in the Northwest Territories. She just wants to settle down in a small house and raise a couple of hairy children with Rick. 

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