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A simple nurse is awoken into the Amara, a breed of good immortals who are trying to fight the evil Diati for world domination.

You know them as Angels and Demons.
But they are much worse.

Everything she knows is challenged and a fight for her loyalty begins when both sides realize that she is the descendent of a powerful half-breed.



An underpaid, unappreciated and unqualified group of rag-tag misfits end up getting jobs rounding up the fabricated zombie menace in America.




Rick in the City

When a Sasquatch leaves the North West Territories to become an actor in the big city, he finds a group of friends who accept him for who he is and help him adapt to the big city. 

Online Communicatons

The Vanessa Kay Agency

When a Christian dating site isn’t making any money, the owner hires a little person creative genius to give it a makeover. Enemies are made and new allegiances gathered when he changes the format to the Vanessa Kay Agency - an infidelity dating site. 

Life With Rosie

Gary, a single father of three, tests out a new AI hologram from work, to help him deal with the chaos. But little did he realize that ROSIE would be more than an experiment, she would end up becoming the glue that helps his family through  a hard time.

French Bookstore


In the quaint town of Ravenwood, Eleanor Harper, a bookshop owner with the uncanny ability to speed read, unravels a tapestry of interconnected mysteries, revealing the enigmatic secrets hidden within the pages of the town's history, as she and her charming sidekick, Charlie, navigate a literary landscape where every plot twist holds the key to untold revelations.


Young Businesswoman

See Their Talent & Passion.

A streaming show dedicated to the showcasing and promotion of women entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Rock Band

Indie look is an exciting, new music television show that showcases dramatic and new up-and-coming singers and bands, any age, from any style of music, in the Canadian music scene. The TV Show’s objective is to promote and advance the creation of original, creative and unique stories, music and bands. 

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