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After a cop's wife and partner are murdered and he's left for dead, a secret agency called The Machine recruits him and trains him to become a super assassin. He uses his newfound skill to hunt down everyone who did him wrong. His only problem, he initially replaced another assassin who went rogue and went to work for his enemies.
Two black youths are trying to create a comic book called Social Justice, but in a horrible act of police racism, the writer is gunned down in the middle of the street without provocation. Where life imitates art, the artist ends up becoming the same vigilante he created to combat the corrupt police department and crime-filled neighbourhood.

In a bleak future, the military creates an assassin robot that targets people through  mandatory embedded microchips. When its target has a heart attack and dies before it can finish the job, it jumps its programming and goes haywire. It's now up to lowly a robot mechanic and his  side-kick to disable it before it destroys the city.   

Sabine is a restaurant owner by day, but the world’s deadliest assassin by night. When she foils an assassination attempt in her restaurant, she finds herself in a complex situation. She is hired as the assassin to kill herself as a civilian. 
in a mythical land, A loyal captain of the guards is framed for the murder of the queen and escapes with his life. When he returns 10 years later as a Master Thief to free his good name he doesn’t factor in falling in love with the Princess.   
A team of special forces mercenaries are hired to deliver a package to a cloning facility, when their cargo ends up breaking free, they realize that they have to deal with a couple of resurrected dragons.
In the aftermath of the great cyborg war,
A team of rebels fight sentient cyborgs in an effort to take back their planet. Will old-school technology beat advanced ai...
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