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The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency
A highly skilled group of pre-teens are hired to tackle a dog-napping ring. But when something goes horribly wrong and the entire team is captured, will the dog-nappers get away with it?
Sherlock Jr. 2
The Case of the Other Agency
When, during a crime spree, a rival agency sets up shop in Milner's Corners the team of Sherlock Jr. soon finds themselves out of a job. But is this new agency everything they seem to be, or is there a connection to them and the crime spree?

Life With Rosie

Gary, a single father of three, tests out a new AI hologram from work, to help him deal with the chaos. But little did he realize that ROSIE would be more than an experiment, she would end up becoming the glue that helps his family through  a hard time.

Also a Television Series

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