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In the video game world, when the characters aren’t involved in the game, they lead normal lives. Some characters are more famous than others, but for the most part, everyone is middle class, trying to eke out a living.


Halcron the Dark is a Troll, who is the Big Boss on level 9 of his mining company, The Descent, where they mine for coin, and essence. It’s a pretty cushy job considering there are eight Big Bosses before him. But, he’s a tough as nails boss, even though he is a sweetheart of a dad. He dreams of advancement, to eventually become one of the final bosses, but he doesn’t have the fury. He needs to find the fury. 


Halcron has a nice home in the suburbs. Grys Crylouder his wife, is a demon vampire, and their two kids, Sludge and Akrid a child from Grys’ first marriage, are their kids. Not to mention Halcron’s lazy, loser brother, Brogomir who does nothing but hangs out on the couch.


Meanwhile, it is rumored in the company that there will be a hostile takeover by none other, than the most famous adventurer, Vandilor the Bold. He has already taken over several companies that have been documented in such games as Vandilor the Hero. Vandilor the Deadly, Vandilor the Deadly Hero, Vandilor the Merciless, and Vandilor Cart.


It is very possible that everyone could lose their job if he succeeds. Upset and dismayed, he goes home to his wife Grys, she is making Halcron’s favourite dish to welcome the new neighbours moving in.  Next door he meets up with Lily, and her daughter Lilac and son Trilby. When the man of the house is revealed, it’s Vandilor. He is arrogant, and bombastic, and loud. 


The adventure that follows is how Halcron and Vandilor try to become friends even though Vandilor is trying to shut down his company and are both from different backgrounds, different professions and possibly different graphic quality.

Halcron The Dark2.png

The Big Boss on level 9 of The Decent, a company that mines for precious gems and coins. Halcron dreams of life as the ultimate big boss, but he doesn't have the drive. That is until his mortal enemy moves in next door.

Halcron the Dark

vandilor the bold2.png

Hero of many video games. He goes into evil places and vanquishes the monsters, gets the gold and frees the captor. He is the best at what he does. He currently has his eyes set on taking over the company The Decent where Halcron works.

Vandilor The Bold


The wife of Halcron, but a villainess in her own right. She has the ability to enchant and seduce even the purest of heroes. She has given all of that up to pursue a blog about how tough it is to be a woman in a video game world. 

Grys Crylouder


Fairy Princess. She was the first captor that was rescued by Vandilor. She has created a non-profit charity to prevent the trafficking of princesses in the video game world. Her love for Vandilor is only surpassed by the love of her children.

Chalice Sparklekind


Halcron's family. His freeloading brother Trinko, who hasn't fought a hero in a dog's age. Stepson Akrid, from Grys' previous marriage, and their two kids, Flotsam, an activist, and Sludge, a mischievous troll who likes to invent. And of course their pet dragon Toke.

Trinko, Akrid, Flotsam & Sludge


The family of Vandilor. Lilac, a social influencer selling magic potions. Trilby, a troublesome child who wants his dad's attention and Castos, The father in law who thinks that Vandilor isn't worthy of his daughter.

Lilac, Trilby & Castos

Froburn - bigboss.png
Swish - Bigboss.png

Froburn & Swish

The final Big Boss of The Decent, and his son, who is big Boss level 10.

Froburn runs the company like a tyrant, but isn't about giving his son a job. Swish is Halcron's nemesis and wants to make his life hell.

Morlog the father in law.png
Toxy Mother In Law.png

Morlog & Toxy

A demon and a vampire lich, they are quite successful at being monsters, and wish that their son-in-law will eventually reach his potential.

Grys' parents, Halcron's Inlaws. 

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