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When the fridge door closes, and the light goes out, your refrigerator becomes a cesspool of sin and degradation. Set in the Gumshoe era of 1940’s Hollywood, Fridge Detective is an adult cartoon that finds Detective Watts and his sidekick Reel solving crimes in the middle of a trouble-filled refrigerator. No one is above suspicion, and there are certainly a lot of bad apples. 


On this sinister night, someone has made sure the milk will never flow again. There is only one team that can help, Detective Watts, the fridge lightbulb that never needs changing and his partner, Reel, a forgotten film cartridge. The clues bring them to places like the local bar Six Pack, where information is available for a price. Together they need to find out who killed the milk and make sure they bring them to justice. It’s just another day when food goes bad.



A forgotten film roll, Reel is the eyes and ears of the Hotpoint. When you think you are alone, think again, Reel is there with his camera taking pictures to use later to solve crimes. So keep your urges on simmer, otherwise you may find yourself on celluloid. 

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Detective Phil 'Sparks' Watts

Watts doesn't only turn on when the fridge door is open. He's certainly not a dimwit. If there is a crime in the ol' Hotpoint, he is there to make sure the criminal doesn't get away with it. Always quick with a light, and a sarcastic comment, Watts is who you want on your side when things go sour.


Commissioner Benedict

If something stinks like rotten eggs, you best be sure that Commissioner Benedict is there to make things right. He is the law, and he won't let anyone forget it. So if you are a bad egg or a rotten apple - look out, because Benedict is a tough egg to crack. 


When you need to relax, you want to go down to Six Pack and watch the show with Chichita. She is quite the peeler. Classy and Sexy, Chichta will cause you to fall in love with her, while callously discarding you for the next piece of fruit. Be wary of her, if looks could kill, she is a neutron bomb.



Sometimes things go sour, sometimes they are spiked with vodka. OJ is usually the latter. A staple at breakfast where he puts on a persona that comes across as a goody-two-shoes, and outside the fridge has a good reputation, but in reality, he is seen in many bars and  is rarely seen alone because he likes to mix it up with all the spirits.



There has to be a smoke-filled place where everyone meets and has a drink to discuss their degradation. Well, six-pack is the place to be. Owned by Hops and his five identical brothers, they serve up the drinks, and will provide vital information - both have a price.


Ched "Big Cheese" Mozzarelli

Who rules the fridge? The big cheese rules the fridge. He doesn't like rules unless he sets them. Nothing goes in and out of the fridge without Ched approving it. You don't want to cross him, or you may find yourself swimming in the gunk at the bottom of the fridge. 


Granny Smith and Worm

No one likes a sourpuss. Granny Smith is the biggest one around. She likes to cause trouble for those who don't worship her as the best thing since sliced bread. She is a good person to go to for information as she sits in her window with her pet worm and watches everyone, all day long. She knows all, and if you are willing to listen to her rants, she will tell all.


Tony Crutoni

In Little Italy, you can't do nothing without Tony Crutoni knowing. He runs the town. He makes the decisions. Second only to Big Cheese. If you are lucky, he will owe you a favour, but don't count on him ever fulfilling it. If you surprise him with some homemade marinara, then he may do you a favour, but he is quite crusty.

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Milk Carton

No one thinks badly of Milk, there is no reason to. Milk is always there to help out in any way possible. Whether it's to complete a baking recipe, dunk a cookie, or used in cereal at the beginning of the day, Milk surely is someone you can count on.


Sheldon 'Shelly' Huevos

Hotpoint's resident snitch. He will give up anyone for a hot meal or a dry place to sleep. He is a leftover soft-boiled egg from breakfast long ago and now has to make his way on the hard shelves of the fridge. 

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