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A serial criminal couple ends up taking an older affluent couple hostage until the heat dies down. Little do they realize that the couple they are holding are manipulating them. 
A man down on his luck saves an abused woman's life and they fall in love. They realize that no one can link them together, so they make a pact to murder each other's significant other. 


The Artist's Way

When an artist sees her lover killed in front of her eyes, she ends up revolutionizing the art world with her paintings.


Her new lover becomes suspicious when they find clues that the artist's previous love may have been murdered.   

When a religious zealot will do anything to make you repent, you have to use your wits and abilities to escape his clutches.
A deranged woman decides that murder is a better alternative than seeing her flawed. She ends up dating a man who slowly causes her to normalize her behaviour. 
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