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“FRIDAY JOB” is a high-octane sci-fi/action script in the tradition of “The Terminator” or “Minority Report” with fun, sarcastic characters, social commentary and edge-of-your-seat action all the way to the explosive conclusion.


In the year 2079, a country-wide LIVEZONE keeps track of all citizens through mandatory embedded microchips. A privatized military company named NanoTech creates an assassin robot, the 6000LE that targets its victims through the microchip. 


When fascist presidential candidate, Senator Black gets his hands on the robot, he bribes the company to remove all of the fail-safes and targets the current President. 


Enter our hero Samuel Chalk, a simple, grungy, mid-40, low-level Robot Retrieval Specialist, (RRS)who is dating Laura, 30’s, a non-microchipped rebel living in the restricted area, and is a mentor to Gushie, 18, a plucky, sexy street-urchin who helps him run his business and keep him on his toes. Which he needs because he is constantly one step behind his old partner Sinclair and the other RRS’s because he won’t sacrifice the quality of work for the latest gadget

While on the job, Chalk ends up witnessing the robot hunt down the President but before it can finish the job, the President has a heart attack and dies. Because the robot didn’t complete its mission, it jumps its programming and tries to find the President at all costs. 


Chalk feels he could have helped the President and gets depressed. Laura wants him to quit so they can go away and start their life anew. Chalk doesn’t know what he should do, choose the life he’s always known or follow Laura to a new beginning. 


When the military can’t bring the robot in the government recruits the RRS’s, but Chalk refuses, claiming it’s a suicide mission.


Chalk decision is made and he proposes to Laura. They are going to travel outside of LIVEZONE where they can be free. 


The RRS’s try to take down the robot to no avail, Sinclair, as the only one left alive gets tracked by the 6000LE to the restricted zone, where Laura works. It kills Sinclair and critically wounds Laura. 


Because Laura is a un-chipped, they won’t accept her into the hospital. When all seems lost, Chalk has to make the deal that if she gets treatment he’ll goes after the robot. 


With the President gone, Black is elected. His first order of business - intern the non-citizens. We find that this entire scheme had been set up by him and the previous Vice President MERLOTTE who owns the title on the N-Cit land. If it becomes unrestricted land, he’ll get a large winfall.


Chalk and Gushie make a game plan. She is going to hack into LIVEZONE and change the chip serial number of the dead president with that of Black. Chalk is going to use his equipment to try to take it down.


The 6000LE finds its target and kills Black. Mission completed, but the massacre is not over, it has to take down its last remaining threat - Samuel Chalk.


Chalk and the 6000LE fight the battle of titans. When it finally gets the upper hand, it chases Chalk into the underground restricted city. He realizes that the robot can’t find him if the chip is removed. 


Chalk digs the chip out from the back of his neck and just before the 6000LE can kill him, it loses the signal. Chalk then turns if off manually. 


NanoTech gathers the robot and want to figure out what went wrong, but Chalk has taken out it’s primary processor so they could never recreate it.



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