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Alive for centuries. 

Cursed by the same witch that made her brother a werewolf.

Now she must find her, or they will stay that way forever.



Anchored in the future, but taking place over several different time periods.  Gretel searches for Hecuba, the powerful witch who took away her mortality, but not her pain. She must adapt to the time she is in, as she gains knowledge and wisdom.


Her Brother Hansel turns into a vicious werewolf at night. He cannot control it, and when there is a full moon, he loses every essence of himself and becomes a wild killing machine. He regenerates any wounds during the day and has no memory.


In the future, magic is forbidden, even though it is rampant. Only criminals wield it, and all must be destroyed. Until they meet a young magic wielder, in a red hood, who cannot control her magic. She joins them in their quest to restore balance.

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