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The Corruptor - Horror/Thriller

So CPS doesn't take their daughter, a junkie Meth couple decide to detox over a weekend. Things don't go when when they meet the soul stealer Moloch the Corruptor. Is Moloch real or a figment of their drug infused mind?

Renfield - Psychological Horror

The most famous vampire story ever, now told through the eyes of it’s most famous inmate Raymond M. Renfield. Are the events of the book real, or are they the figment of a deranged madman’s psychosis.   


Gateway To Hell - Horror

A modern day Bonnie and Clyde who find themselves having to protect the gates of hell to prevent the devil from taking over the world of humans.  

Billy Newman Day - Horror 

When an astute high school student is murdered, everyone goes on with their lives until it's the 25th anniversary of his death and people start to turn up dead.

Falls The Shadow - Drama/Horror 

A 2000 year-old vampire awakens and is confused and shocked at what the world has become. What's even worse is the people worship him as if he is the a God.

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