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Director Slash Writer and the top 40 Superbowl Ad.

It was a long journey to get the Superbowl ad finished. It had to go through several rounds of approvals before it could see the light of day.

The first round was the script. It had changed several times from the original. The couple was going to be older, and we were going to put him in bed with them - with the wife on the app.

There were things that couldn't be approved from the outset. Driving with a baby in the car without a carrier, things like that. We eventually found the right shots. When we did, we had to not only get approval from the networks, but also from Scottie's people, and the Marketing Department at Bitbuy.

Now we shot four different commercials and if you watch the teaser then you know we had to get approval from Kyle's people as well. But we eventually got everything done - with the help of Andrew and the people at

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